The silent sound of Quality

Our ambition is to constantly reduce the negative footprints of our business. Our products contribute to creating a good sound environment for drivers and passengers in the transport sector, which leads to a safer traffic. We are a workplace with few incidents and a good work environment. In many aspects, we do not only live up to, but exceed the legal requirements for the chemicals we use.

However, this does not mean that our environmental impact is insignificant. To achieve the quality and function that our customers demand, we use raw materials that are fossil. The production is also relatively energy intense. In addition, we use many differently produced chemicals, even though none of them are on our customers “black list” and we follow REACH regulations. All these points stated above are big challenges for us.

Work to reduce our impact

To reduce our impact, we make sure that the energy we use comes from fossil-free energy sources and we are constantly working to make our energy use more efficient. Most of our suppliers are located in the Nordic countries and Europe, which helps to keep emissions from transports down. Furthermore, we work continuously to find alternative materials that meet our customers’ high demands on weight, function and quality to replace the fossil-based materials used today. A positive example of this is our LDK, a product that consists of the natural material cork in combination with recyclable aluminum.

Our ISO certifications also stand as a guarantee that we are constantly improving in both quality and environmental aspects. Therefore, they are important tools in our ongoing work to become more sustainable as a company. We also work with close relationships and Code of Conduct with our suppliers in order to have as good overview as possible of the entire supply chain.


Climate and environment:

Greenhouse gas emissions from production 2019: 241 tons CO2 / year.
Energy efficiency target: 30% less energy use by 2022 compared to 2020.
Activities to achieve this: Replace the oil boiler with waste heat.
New gas purification to reduce our solvent emissions.


No conflict minerals are used in our production
We have good control of our supply chain, which is largely located in Europe and operates under European labor laws
We have few incidents in production that lead to sick leave. Number 2019: 1 incident