The silent sound of Quality

antiphon® Sealings is the product used to prevent noise leakage. It is often cut or punched into shapes and sizes suitable for the application and used for thermal insulation as well as damping sound leakages within:

  • Automotive
  • Offshore industry
  • Building industry
  • Domestic and other applications

Sealing material is a frequently used material in a broad range of applications . The material is for example, used to seal interfaces between metal, wood, glass and plastic components against sound leakage, thermal leakage etc. in temperature ranges from -25 to +95 degrees C.

antiphon® LTFTM – sound- and thermal isolating sealing

is an elastic sealing material with a cellular structure. One side is coated with a self-adhesive surface, and the other side has a skin surface. The products exist in 3, 6 and 9 mm thickness.