The silent sound of Quality

antiphon® MPMTM  is used in a broad range of applications, mainly in the automotive industry but also in other industrial and customer products. This sandwich material is superior for structure borne sound damping in:

  • Power train systemsmpm-svart-plat_id208
  • Vehicle bodies
  • Other vehicle components
  • Heavy industrial production
  • Off shore
  • Other machines and domestic appliances
  • Factory noise etc.

Effective material to dampen structure borne sound

antiphon® MPMTM is the most effective structure borne sound damping material related to weight and serves a dual function. It dampens the structure borne sound and it replaces the structural sheet metal that would otherwise be used, usually without any increase in the thickness and weight of the materials. The structure borne sound damping material can often eliminate the need for special screening or sound absorption, which would otherwise take up a considerable amount of space and increase the weight of a product.

Formable and weldable metal sandwich

antiphon® MPMTM is a formable and weldable sandwich consisting of two metal facing sheets enclosing a visco elastic inner layer. The two metal facing sheets in antiphon® MPMTM are in most applications of cold rolled steel, but in principle any type of metal or alloy can be used. Today the material is produced with laminated cold rolled steel, metallic coated steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Acoustic visco elastic inner layer

block-2_id204The inner layer is optimised for different temperature ranges between -5 C and +125 C. In this way it is possible to achieve maximum vibration damping of structure borne sound when the sandwich material is used in various applications such as engine parts, vehicle bodies, white goods or office machines.

MPMTM foil

antiphon® MPMTM foil, a steel laminate where one side is covered with a PVC foil with choosable patterns which makes it possible to use our laminated sandwich construction where design and noise reduction is requested on visable surfaces. We can offer both galvanised steel and aluminium as core material with a large range of foils. We will gladly present this to you upon request. MPMTM foil is delivered with a protection foil. For galvanized steel we produce from total thickness 1,04mm – 6,1mm and for aluminium 1,44mm – 6,1mm.

The material is delivered in sheet format with max dimension 1250x2055mm.

In our brochure you can read more about antiphon MPM and structure borne sound:

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