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antiphon® LDTM  materials are widely used for damping structure borne sound in constructions and components made of metal or plastic. It is often cut or punched into shapes and sizes suitable for the application. The noise reducing characteristics are often used within:

  • Automotivesvart-matta_id209
  • Office machines
  • Heavy industrial production
  • Industrial applications
  • Domestic applications
  • Factory noise etc.

antiphon® LDTM is the name of a whole range of self-adhesive materials used for vibration damping to reduce structure borne sound. The material can be applied on both metal sheets, painted surfaces and plastic components. antiphon® LDTM materials are characterized by low weight in relation to sound damping properties. The weight of antiphon® LDTM material is half the weight of common bitumen pads with the same sound reducing properties.

antiphon® LDTM – self adhesive damping pads

solfjader_id205is one of our most frequently used sound damping materials. It includes the classic LD 13. Together with LD 4, LD 10 and LD 17 this group of acoustic products sorts a broad range of applications.

antiphon® LDTMAl – damping pads with aluminium

antiphon® LD13 Al and antiphon® LD25/17 Al is a further development of antiphon® LDTM where an aluminium foil has been attached to the surface. This gives a durable, hygienic surface and a higher loss-factor.

antiphon® LD K

antiphon® LD K is our premium product within the LD-segment for structure borne sound damping. It is a self adhesive light weight product built up of a thin aluminium skin, coated with an acoustic layer together with a cork layer. antiphon® LD K has a high, wide acoustical curve with maximum loss factor at 25°C.

antiphon® PDPTM – craft paper with damping layer

is made of two craft papers with a damping layer in between. In the field of applications you can find plastic boats and wooden floors, where it is used as a intermediate layer in the laminate to reduce vibrations and structure borne sound.

In our brochure you can read more about antiphon LD and structure borne sound:

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