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antiphon® LATM is a family of open cell foam materials that is used in  various applications as air borne sound absorbents. It is often cut or punched into shapes and sizes suitable for the application and used to absorb noise and unwanted air borne sounds within:

  • Automotivela-produkt_id210
  • Office machines
  • Heavy industrial production
  • Industrial applications
  • Factory noise etc

antiphon® LATM is a family of sound absorbing, open cell foam products. These products are available in various thicknesses to achieve optimum acoustic absorption. antiphon® LATM fulfil various fire classification requirements. They are available with or without adhesive and can be supplied with various surface coatings to suit the final application .

antiphon® LATM – sound absorber

dyna_id206is available in three qualities with different sound absorption characteristics. antiphon® LATM S1 operates in the high frequencies and antiphon® LATM S operates in the medium frequencies.
antiphon® LATM SIII has the highest absorption quality and also comply with fire requirements UL 94 HF1.

antiphon® LA FoilTM – sound absorber with foil

antiphon® LATM with foil is a range of antiphon® LATM products with different types of protective surface layers.
antiphon® LATM AL has an aluminised polyester top layer.
antiphon® LATM SU has a surface of black polyurethane film.
antiphon® LATM V2 has a black, grey or brown PVC-top layer with 2 % of perforation.

antiphon® LDATM – absorber and damping pad in combination

is a combination of LA-foam and LD-material. The two acoustic materials are combined to one and therefore the LDA is a sound damping product that benefits from the properties of both the antiphon® LDTM and antiphon® LATM and reduces both air borne and structure borne sounds.

antiphon® LTS – heavy layer

antiphon® LTS, heavy layer, is primarily intended for insulation of air borne sound by increasing weight but it also has certain structure borne sound damping properties, especially at low temperatures. antiphon LTS is soft, plastic and ductile and have excellent ageing properties and resistance to chemical attack.

The area of applications includes:

  • bonnet of vehicles
  • partition walls
  • buses and railway coaches
  • white goods
  • boats
  • office machines

In our brochure you can read more about antiphon LA and air borne sound absorbing:

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