The silent sound of Quality

With the long, wide experiance which Antiphon has gathered of finding noise reducing solutions together with our customers, we can offer a collaboration from the first stage of an idea or a problem to a solution where the result is to be a well functioning acoustic material choise which is adaptable in regard of the customers demand for design and function. Focus is always set to be a good sound environment in and around the customers final product.

Electric vehicles of all kinds are launched by all major OEMs and take a larger and larger part of the new car-market.

The NVH-environment sounds different when taking away the traditional combustion engine and noise sources can appear differently. The removal of one noise source uncovers others.

At the same time removal of the natural heating source, the engine, gives other challenges as well as requirements of insulation of all kinds.

Antiphon is proud that our NVH solutions are adapted and developed along with the modern fleet of vehicles and we do our utmost to be a proactive supplier to all kind of electrified vehicles. We offer applications and materials which gives the comfort and design demanded in the transformation of the EV-sector. Welcome with your inquiries and discussions around modern NVH-solutions.

Antiphon labb and measurements

In the purpose of securing our material quality when it comes to workability and acoustic performance Antiphon has its own laboratory where we carry out necessary controls and measurements. In addition we can also help our customers with specific demands to find their right solution for the right function. Analyses, loss factor calculations, absorption measurements or material comparisons can be done in collaboration with the customer.

For more information, please contact our sales division.

antiphon® MPM – vibration damping sandwich material

antiphon® LD – structure borne sound damping pads

antiphon® LA – air borne sound absorbing products

antiphon® sealings

The antiphon sales team will gladly discuss any application ideas that you have to improve the sound environment around your products.